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Looking for an unforgettable shark diving experience in South Florida? Miami Shark Tours is the leading shark diving resource in the State of Florida with over 10 years of successful daily shark diving adventures. The deep waters off of the coast of Florida are the home to some of the biggest natural numbers of shark species anywhere across the globe. Whether this is your first experience viewing or diving with sharks or if you have dozens of shark dives under your belt, the professional team at Miami Shark Tours has the rare combination of of experience and expertise to create lasting memories of your time on the ocean. In order to provide a quality experience for divers and viewers alike, Miami Shark Tours proudly offers two unique excursions. Our first adventure is built specifically for guests that want to experience the thrill of wild shark species in their natural habitat only a short distance from the dock. These shark viewing adventures are four hour trips that are built with families and groups in mind. They are held just miles from our dock and are non-diving trips that do not involve getting in the water or diving. Our second adventure is our flagship shark diving excursion that puts divers in the ocean with sharks for protected cage shark diving or free-diving with sharks in their native surroundings. Our Shark Diving Adventures is held further away from the dock in the deeper waters of Florida's Gulfstream. These full or half day shark diving excursions bring divers of all levels safely within the natural environment of the shark species of Florida safely and securely. Our team of professional shark diving experts help divers of all levels with unforgettable shark diving experiences, all without any diving certification necessary. Please explore our website for more detailed information about our adventures or contact us today for more information and bookings.


The Best Florida Shark Diving Available!

Join us for a word-class half day or full day of adventure with the sharks of South Florida. Our professionals will take you on a Florida shark diving trip that you will never forget. Shark charters are available in Miami.

We also offer shark charters in Californa.

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