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Experienced Underwater Film Production

How we can Help your Production

Miami Shark Tours proudly offers fully comprehensive marine wildlife film production capabilities for film and media crews looking to capture sharks and other marine wildlife on film for major film and media projects.

Our professional team has over a decade of experience providing film teams with world-class filming opportunities for up close encounters with sharks and other marine wildlife. After so much time on the oceans and in the water with sharks, our team knows what it takes to help you create the perfect shot for your production.

We proudly offer solutions for media, film and research crews that are in need of a team to help them document or research the wildlife found throughout the oceans off the coast of Florida. Best of all, Miami Shark Tours has a large network of professional services that cater to your exacting objectives and needs for any film production project.

We know that putting together a film production can require very specific knowledge and flawless execution to help turn into a reality. If you and your team are in need of a professional team to assist with all of the aspects of your film production, please have a look at our specilizations and how we can best serve your next project.

What we offer:

  • Stable & Seaworthy Boats
  • U.S.C.G Licensed and Insured Captain and Crew
  • Full Coast Guard Licensed Safety Equipment
  • Full Electronics GPS, Radar, Sonar
  • Professional Spotter Plane Assistance
  • Professionally Built Polycarb Shark Cage
  • Experienced Shark Diver & Underwater Camera Assistant
  • Extensive Marine Intel Network Surrounding South Florida
  • Professional and Experienced Crew
  • Ability to Travel Throughout Florida and United States

We can organize and run any these productions in any capacity needed:

  • Documentary Films
  • Commercials
  • Movies
  • Research Studies
  • Independent Projects

Our team regularly caters to the specific and special needs of any film production. Everything required to find and attract your marine wildlife is provided by our service 100%.

Every aspect of the expedition is covered by our team, all you and your team has to do is show up with your film or research gear and our team will make everything else happen to help you get the best shots possible.

For any questions related to our marine wildlife film production capabilities please contact us today.