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South Florida is home to more sharks than any other area in the world.  Here's a list of the sharks you can see on Miami Shark Tours

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 Tigers are large sharks reaching up to 18' and weighing over 3,000lbs.  They are heavy bodied and have stripes coming down their sides and across their fins. Tiger sharks can be found on both shallow reefs along with oceanic offshore waters.  Tigers are the second largest predatory fish in the ocean and are deliberate swimmers capable of high bursts of speed.  They often approach divers with caution but can also be very bold. Tigers hunt and scavenge on a number of prey items: fish, birds, squid, whales, dolphin, and sea turtles.

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There are many types of hammerheads found in Florida's waters.  Most of them range from 5-12' and up to 1,000 pounds. Hammerheads are found in both shallow reefs/sand bottom and deep offshore waters.  Hammerheads are generally cautious but can become very aggressive when prey is around.  These sharks use their T-shaped heads to hone in and track down prey from long distances. Hammers are strong fast sharks and can be found in large numbers depending on which species of shark.  Stingrays and fish are hammerheads favorite prey items.

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Bull Sharks are one of the most aggressive sharks in the ocean and are perhaps the worlds most dangerous sharks. Bulls are at home in both offshore and inshore water along with freshwater. Bull Sharks are big heavy bodied sharks that are often found in packs.  They are sometimes wary of divers but if food is present can become very aggressive. They range from 5-14' and can weigh over 1,500 pounds

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Lemon Sharks are one of the most abundant large sharks in Florida waters. Lemons are big sharks that prefer inshore shallow waters.  They are often seen on shallow flats and shallow reefs on the edge of the Gulf Stream. Lemon Sharks are somewhat docile but are capable of large bursts of speed and aggression. These sharks average around 4' - 7' and can weigh in at 500 lbs.

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Reef Sharks are fast predators that live on both shallow and deep reefs.  Reef Sharks are found throughout the worlds tropical oceans and seen frequently in South Florida, Bahamas, and the Caribbean.  Reef sharks main prey is fish and they often hunt in packs.  Reefs usually give divers space in the water but can become aggressive if bait or speared fish are in the water.  Reef sharks average anywhere from 4' - 8' and can reach 600lbs

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Black Tip Sharks are inshore hunters that frequent the shallow reefs and flats around Florida.  Black Tips are fast energetic sharks capable of fast speeds and jumping capabilities when in pursuit of prey. Black Tips feed on a variety of prey including other smaller sharks and fish.  They average 4-7' and can weigh in at 350lbs.

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Mako Sharks are one of the most aggressive shark species.  They live and hunt almost exclusively in offshore waters miles from shore.  Makos are capable of large bursts and sustained speeds of over 40 mph.  Makos feed on a variety of prey including tuna, swordfish, other sharks, and dolphin.  Here in Florida they are encountered in the deep waters of the Gulfstream.  Makos can grow to over 12' and weigh over 1,200 lbs.

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Dusky Sharks are large requiem sharks that live in both deep offshore and shallow inshore waters. Duskies are highly migratory and often cover large distances in their lifetimes. Here in Florida they are often seen on inshore reefs and in deep Gulf Stream waters.  Duskies feed mostly on fish and other smaller sharks.  They average anywhere from 5' - 12' and can weigh close to 1,000lbs

Whale & Seal Watching


Nurse Sharks live in shallow waters and deep reefs.  They feed mainly on crustaceans and smaller fish and have bone crushing jaws used to crack shells. Nurse sharks are often seen resting on sand flats and among coral structures. These sharks can grow up to 8' and weigh over 400lbs.

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